Call and Response Ear Training – Play What You Hear

I came across this ear training software a few years ago. I believe this to be one of the best call and response ear training software out there. However, I don’t think very many people know about it.

If you are looking for ear training software to practice playing what you hear, this ear training software does EXACTLY that.

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My New “Go-To” Ear Training App For iPad

I’ve been an Ear Training Enthusiast for many years now. During those years, I’ve tried out many ear training programs developed for PC and MAC computers.

Lately, I’ve been trying out ear training apps for my iPad.

Many of these ear training apps are quite good. But, I’ve never really found one, which I can say I completely enjoy using… Until now.

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Essential Ear Training Exercises

The Ear Training Guide – Essential Ear Training Exercises is a collection of 39 essential ear training exercises that aid in the development of obtaining musical fluency.

If you’ve always wanted to be able to play what you hear and hear it before you play it, then read on!

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Ear Training Intervals Online Demonstration

This online ear training video demonstrates Ear Training Intervals – Complete on a desktop.

This video can also be used as a quick 5 minute online ear training warm-up that you can access through any wireless internet connection.

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Ear Training Intervals – Basic vs. Complete

Ear Training Intervals – Basic and Ear Training Intervals – Complete provide the best solution for ear training anywhere.

This post describes in detail the major differences between Ear Training Intervals – Basic and Ear Training Intervals – Complete.

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Future Ear Training MP3’s?

Many of you may be asking a similar question, that I recently received from a fellow Ear Training Enthusiast:

Thank you for updating the website. I’ve purchased the mp3’s. There are 66 examples now, but in the past one you had 519! Why do you only have the examples in the Key of C? Could you possibly add your previous mp3? I’ll buy that one as well! Please, please, please, please do that!

Thanks a lot!

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Online Ear Training Websites

Online ear training is a cheap way to consistently develop your ears! Many online ear training websites can even do what the best ear training software can do.

If you want to be able to consistently train your ears, online ear training is the way to go.

I’ve saved you many hours and put together a list of 9 awesome online ear training websites!

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Perfect Pitch Ear Training And Where To Look First

Every now and then you’ll come across a musician that cares about learning to develop absolute pitch (also known as perfect pitch).

It would be a rare find to actually meet a musician or find one on the internet that has demonstrated proof of developing their talent and actually credit that development to any particular perfect pitch ear training method or course.

Before you drop the big bucks in hopes to develop this skill, you may want to check this free information first!

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6 Musical Ear Training Techniques

Ear training can be hard if you play an instrument that you can’t take wherever you go.

Here are 6 effective musical ear training techniques that will awaken your ears without your instrument.

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Relative Pitch The Best Way

There are many ways to get the job done.

But, if you want get relative pitch now, make it last permanently, and avoid major headache, then there is one way to do just that.

Here is a specific method of ear training that will teach you relative pitch in the best way, no matter what instrument you play.

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