Ear Training Intervals – Complete

Ear Training Intervals - Complete

Master your intervals! Instantly download 792 ear training intervals for your mobile device.

Ear Training Intervals – Complete was created to give you ultimate playlist flexibility.

Create playlists that focus on specific intervals and ear train for hours—hands free!

Practice your ear training for the following intervals: Perfect Unison, Minor Second, Major Second, Minor Third, Major Third, Perfect Fourth, Diminished Fifth, Perfect Fifth, Minor Sixth, Major Sixth, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Perfect Octave, Minor Ninth, Major Ninth, Minor Third, Major Third, Perfect Eleventh, Diminished Twelfth, Perfect Twelfth, Minor Thirteenth, and Major Thirteenth.

Keys provided: C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, Gb, G, Ab, A, Bb, B.

Here’s what you get:

  • 264 Individual harmonic ear training mp3’s
  • 264 Individual ascending melodic ear training mp3’s
  • 264 Individual descending melodic ear training mp3’s
  • 10 Page ear training .PDF manual
  • 5 Page enharmonic spellings .PDF manual

Intervals are played with a piano, followed by a real female voice telling you what the interval in question is. Shortly after, the interval is played again in oscillation to allow your ear to hear each note of the interval.

Here is an ascending melodic, a descending melodic, and harmonic example of the quality of these ear training mp3 tracks:

This video also demonstrates these mp3’s in action on a desktop: http://www.eartrainanywhere.com/ear-training-intervals-online-demonstration/

The included 10 page ear training .PDF manual provides valuable tips on creating playlists to enhance your ear training experience.

In addition, each mp3 file name has been labeled with the correct enharmonic spelling in relation to the key.

All files have been organized by key.

A supplementary .PDF manual that explains the logic of enharmonic spellings in a very simple way has also been included.

Individual ear training mp3 tracks allows you to create customized playlists that you can set to random playback, making each ear training session unique.

What’s New From The Previous Ear Training Mp3 Version

  • Improved file names for faster and easier playlist creation.
  • Replaced piano with higher quality piano sound.
  • Improved tempo and spacing of interval playback.
  • No more robotic voice. Replaced voice with a real and soothing female voice.
  • Added 9 more intervals: Minor Ninth, Major Ninth, Minor Third, Major Third, Perfect Eleventh, Diminished Twelfth, Perfect Twelfth, Minor Thirteenth, and Major Thirteenth.
  • Included a .PDF Ear Training Manual
  • Included a .PDF Enharmonic Spelling Manual

File Size

Zipped: 399 MB (This file is VERY large. Please be patient while downloading. Go get a cup of coffee while waiting for the download to complete. On a very good internet connection, a download of this magnitude will still take several minutes to complete. You may see your browser status say “waiting”. Please be patient, the file will download.)

Unzipped: 445.3 MB

Please Read Before Downloading

These files are compressed into a .zip file for easy downloading. Be sure that you have the necessary application to unzip your files. If you are not sure how to unzip a .zip file, search Google for “how to unzip a .zip file”.

Be sure you have the necessary tools for .mp3 playback.

Be sure you know how to load .mp3’s onto your mobile device or desktop.

Be sure your internet connection is very strong.

Be sure you understand what you are downloading. Please do not hesitate to email me for any questions. Returns are not accepted.

Price: $69.00
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