Future Ear Training MP3’s?

Many of you may be asking a similar question, that I recently received from a fellow Ear Training Enthusiast:

Thank you for updating the website. I’ve purchased the mp3’s. There are 66 examples now, but in the past one you had 519! Why do you only have the examples in the Key of C? Could you possibly add your previous mp3? I’ll buy that one as well! Please, please, please, please do that!

Thanks a lot!

Relative Pitch Ear Training Perception

Thank you for purchasing the ear training mp3’s. Other keys will be available for separate download very soon.

There are also other ear training mp3’s focusing on other specific musical skills coming up in the near horizon… So, keep an eye out for those as well!

There were a couple important factors that lead to making the decision to have the option to buy ear training mp3’s for the key of C and the option to continue further study and buy the remaining keys in a bundle.

The first factor was file size. If your Internet connection was not very strong, some customers experienced the download to freeze in the middle and not complete the download. Sometimes, it just took “forever” to download. I know if that happened to me, I would not like that experience. A smaller file size allowed the download process to complete without issue.

The second factor was the tendency for someone new to ear training to become overwhelmed with 500+ ear training tracks. Ear training has been an overwhelming task for many people for so long. I wanted to provide the option for a beginner to focus first on grasping the basic intervals.

The ear can grasp the sound of an interval more easily when the key is not constantly changing. When the gist of the intervals are grasped, recognizing those interval sounds in different keys is only a slightly different experience. Relative pitch is developing the perception of one note in relation to another note. That relationship feeling remains the same no matter they key.

Thank you for your patience ! Those ear training tracks are coming very soon!