Essential Ear Training Exercises

The Ear Training Guide – Essential Ear Training Exercises is a collection of 39 essential ear training exercises that aid in the development of obtaining musical fluency.

If you’ve always wanted to be able to play what you hear and hear it before you play it, then read on!

The Ear Training Guide Excerpt

Here is an excerpt taken directly from this handy ear training .PDF book.

This .PDF book provides you with a collection of essential ear training exercises that develop the skill sets required for obtaining musical fluency.

These ear training exercises were hand picked, based on skill sets that have been continuously demanded from me as a professional bass player, studio musician, producer, and composer.

Some of these ear training exercises tackle skill sets required for improvisational music. Other ear training exercises develop your ear for hearing those “sweet notes” that enhance the melodies and chord progressions of
your compositions.

Each ear training exercise focuses on a specific skill set. Included with each ear training exercise are descriptions of basic real-world musical situations where a mastery of that specific skill set is necessary.

The ultimate goal of this .PDF book, is to teach you how to equip your ear with the necessary skill sets required for developing musical fluency, so that you can play what you hear, and hear it before you play it!

This .PDF book is a free ear training resource. If you’ve always wanted to be able to play what you hear, you can download this ear training resource here: (