My New “Go-To” Ear Training App For iPad

I’ve been an Ear Training Enthusiast for many years now. During those years, I’ve tried out many ear training programs developed for PC and MAC computers.

Lately, I’ve been trying out ear training apps for my iPad.

Many of these ear training apps are quite good. But, I’ve never really found one, which I can say I completely enjoy using… Until now.

Ear Beater Is My New “Go-To” iPad Ear Training App

If you are not familiar with Ear Beater, visit their website now and learn more about their new iPad Ear Training app (released November 12, 2013).

In this post, I’ll try my best to show you exactly why I’m loving this ear training app so much!

An Ear Training App With A Clean Interface

When you first open the app, you will immediately realize that the user interface is very clean looking.

This is important for me, because I like to know what I’m looking at. I like to not have to search and click several buttons in order to get to the important stuff.

The important stuff is right there in front of you.

Ear Beater: Clean Looking Ear Training User Inter

Located on the left column, there are currently 5 general topics to focus your ear training. The middle column houses a long list of smaller ear training exercises that make up the general ear training topic. Beside each ear training lesson is a small percent bar that shows how well you did for that specific lesson. The right column provides a brief explanation for what it is that you are studying.

This is as clean as it can get and you can tell the developer of this app really thought this one through.

I want to be able to quickly decide what ear training exercise I need to focus on. Having my progress right there in front of me, allows me to do just that.

Customize Your Ear Training Studies

Ear Beater has a nice option that allows you to create customized ear training exercises.

Customized Ear Training: Ear Beater


Who doesn’t like customization!? Honestly, I don’t understand why any ear training app would not provide this option. But, for some reason, there are plenty of ear training apps that do not have this option.

Finally, An Ear Training App With Huge Buttons!

I want my ear training experience to be always enjoyable. Otherwise, I am left feeling unmotivated.

Ear Beater’s ear training app has HUGE buttons!

I enjoy slapping each button when I answer each question. I enjoy being welcomed with a huge green highlighted button telling me that I am right. And If I’m not right, I like that the button highlight is orange, instead of a big aggressive color of red! We all make mistakes, but there’s no need to be annoying about it.

Anyway, the buttons are awesome. On a mobile device, size matters. 

Ear Beater

The buttons are largest when you are in vertical view with your iPad.

When you change the orientation of your iPad to horizontal view, you get this.

Ear Beater for iPad

I thought it was pretty neat that a keyboard is available to press notes, see the notes that you chose, and also see the notes you should have chose. In this view, the buttons are still big (the biggest our of any iPad ear training app, that I’ve seen)!

Why is this ear training app my new “Go-To”?

Ear Beater ear training app, is simple, straight to the point, clean, runs smoothly, provides a systematic/natural progression for ear training, allows customization, and has a whole lot of ear training exercises!

The sound quality is good. Nothing is visually cluttered. The flow makes sense and is intuitive.

The subtle details, such as a tiny progress bar at the bottom that shows how many questions you got correct in a row, the pleasant color scheme, the intuitive organization, the important (but not overbearing) music theory that is provided, all provide an ear training experience that I actually want to do.

The more I want to ear train, the more consistent my ear training can become.

Along with my ear training mp3’s (hands-free ear training), Ear Beater (hands-on ear training) is one that I highly recommend for your mobile device!