Call and Response Ear Training – Play What You Hear

I came across this ear training software a few years ago. I believe this to be one of the best call and response ear training software out there. However, I don’t think very many people know about it.

If you are looking for ear training software to practice playing what you hear, this ear training software does EXACTLY that.

Play By Ear, Play What You Hear

Call and response is one of the most effective ways to practice playing what you hear.

Someone simply plays a melody, and you then play back the exact melody that you heard. Actually, in a musical situation, you most likely play back a melody (not necessarily the exact melody note for note) in response to what you heard. For the purpose and intent of ear training, you play back the exact melody note for note. The whole point is to work on playing what you hear.

An even better approach to this type of ear training practice, is to play back what you hear, while maintaining a tempo.

This type of practice will train you to process what you are hearing more quickly and respond in time.

ReelEar Infinite Ear Training Teaches You How To Play What You Hear

In this video below, I provide a brief demonstration on ReelEar, how I use ReelEar, and what I hope to see improve with this ear training software.

Play What You Hear

Check out ReelEar v.3.5:
I really love using this software to practice playing what I am hearing. The software plays a random melody, based on selected notes, and allows you to play back what you hear on your instrument, in tempo.

Playing back what you hear in tempo can speed up your development of relative pitch. Maintaining a tempo in your ear training practice also provides a more realistic musical experience. For example, when you are at a jam session and you hear the soloist play a cool melody, and you want to repeat back the melody you just heard, you have to play what you hear in tempo. This software allows you to practice EXACTLY that. It’s also really inexpensive!

What I hope for with this software: I really wish this software improves in the visual design (user interface) and is developed for mobile devices.

Also check out Play By Ear:

This is another ear training software that allows you to practice call and response on your instrument. This software is free of cost, and will test the notes that you are playing back, using your device’s microphone. This software is available for the iPhone. Although the note recognition feature using your device’s microphone is a cool feature, I feel that you really should just use your ears to tell you if you are playing back the correct melody.

I’d like to know your thoughts on the ReelEar! Have you seen this software before? Have you used it?