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Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Posido Vega. I am a professional bass guitarist, with a strong foundation in jazz theory and technique, since 1995. Severe injury in 2000 led to an extreme re-evaluation of my values and what really matters in music. Several years later, I’m now an Ear Training Enthusiast, that still plays the bass guitar.

I can honestly say that ever since I made the decision to develop my relative pitch, my musical choices have been more intentional and I no longer rely on speed and chops to keep my music interesting.

Playing what I hear has allowed me to become a more expressive musician. I can focus more on the delivery of my musical statement (phrasing, dynamics, rhythm, etc…) and less on figuring out the notes I want to play.

While a majority of my early ear training was spent using the methods I teach on this website, most of my ear training is now focused on application. I spend a lot of time listening to different styles of music and transcribing what I hear. I really enjoy ear training!

I hope through this website, you will find a deeper joy when listening to music. I hope you will not be discouraged when trying to transcribe music and jam with other musicians. I hope you will be able to play what you hear!

Thank you for visiting this website! I wish you the best in your ear training journey!

— Posido

Samples Of My Music

My Links

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